Teré Foster


My name is Teré Foster.
Teré rhymes with "hurray!"

The video to the right is more than 25 years old.  It was filmed of me singing a Whitney Houston song back in 1993!

I don't have more recent videos of my work because my musical career was derailed by a series of hardships that led me into my true passion for well-being. I will be eternally grateful to the events that had a hand in helping me find my authentic self and my true life purpose.  The music industry was not my calling. My calling was a much bigger picture.

I have several recent audio recordings, but no video as yet. Now I write music designed to use in my Well-Being Workshops to inspire motivation, relaxation, or introspection.  I offer music workshops to help you find your singing voice, find your inner virtuoso, overcome inhibitions, and heal from the past as I have done in my own life through musical expression.  And I share music as I present my book and help to inspire a paradigm shift towards greater well-being.

Tere Foster, 25 years ago.